What are the planters raising money for?

The planters are part of an effort to encourage businesses to enhance their facilities and storefronts with a core initiative to fundraise for larger beautification projects to improve the esthetics of our corridors and community (i.e. signage, streetscapes, plantings).

 What have they accomplished to date?

Waterford does not have a specific downtown area. The corridors blend with neighboring communities.  Most cities and townships have identifiable markers that let visitors know they have entered their community. Waterford had very antiquated signage that was in desperate need of replacement. The committee, through the support of the planter program and EDC, was able to place secondary signage throughout Waterford as well as two major gateway signs, with landscaping, that welcome visitors to our township.

 What is the next project? The current project is to identify significant areas along the corridors that are worthy of streetscapes i.e. pavers, plantings, lighting, decorative artifacts, etc. One area at a time, we can make a significant difference to attract people and businesses to our community.  The funding process is slow but we will get there!

Our committee is small and the delivery and pick-up of the planters has been a tremendous amount of work for just a few.  We have set aside a pick-up day in the chamber office parking lot. If you would like your planter delivered, we do have a delivery option for an additional $20.  These planters can also be used for your homes and subdivision entrances as well.  Please help support our efforts.  We appreciate your continued support!


Purchase a beautification planter and pick up at the Chamber office on Wednesday, May 15 or Thursday, May 16.

Purchase a beautification planter and have it delivered to your address on Wednesday, May 15 or Thursday, May 16.

Bouquet Subscription

This year we are excited to offer a bouquet subscription through Meri Jo Flower Farm out of Highland, Michigan to offer the best flowers in the season for four months. May will be a tulip bouquet, June will offer a peony bouquet, July provides a colorful summer mix, and August will have beautiful dahlia bouquet. You can choose to subscrbe to all four bouquets or choose what months you would like to receive. Bouquets can be picked up at the Chamber office.

Bouquet selection months may change contingent upon weather and availability. As we determine availability, we will arrange pickup dates. Pickup dates will be on a Tuesday each month.

I would like to purchase the four season bouquet subscription from Meri Jo Farms to be picked up at the Chamber office on a designated date determined by flower availability.

Four Season Bouquet Subscription – No longer Available

I would only like to purchase 1, 2 or 3 of the bouquets from Meri Jo Flower Farm to be picked up at the Chamber office on a designated date determined by flower availability. 

June Bouquet (Peony) – $35.00

July Bouquet (Summer Mix) – $35.00

August Bouquet (Dahlia) – $35.00



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